22 With No Friends??

I am sitting here trying to figure out why at 22 I have absolutely no friends. Not one. I mean I have my boyfriend but some times I just need someone to talk to other than him.

In high school I had ‘friends’ people I hung out with at school and on occasion outside of school. The thing is there was no substance to any of those relationships. Every person I called a friend I had I very surface level relationship with them. It was never a deep friendship kind of thing where we share are deepest secrets, fears and everything else. Is it because I am so shy and gaurded that even people I hang out I don’t allow them in? Or maybe is it just people don’t want to be my friend. Am I that much of a terrible person that not a single human being wants to be my friend….

I try to stay hopeful in finding a genuine friend, but right now it’s just hard to be so lonely ya know. 


5 thoughts on “22 With No Friends??

  1. thefeatheredsleep says:

    some of the nicest and best people i know have a hard time finding friends because they are so nice and lots of people can be shit. start with online friends then maybe you’ll actually meet someone who lives nearby and meanwhile don’t ever judge yourself it’s not YOU it’s probably the ass world we live in, because sometimes real idiots have lots of friends. HUGS

      • thefeatheredsleep says:

        I believe in you and I never want you to give up just because the world sucks because that’s not enough and it only hurts you, you don’t deserve that. You deserve more. so make sure you don’t deny yourself because life is really shit sometimes but you will make your way through it and I know that it may seem lonely I still feel that a lot but I promise you that it’s got nothing to do with you – and don’t ever judge yourself based on how many friends you have, take Bill Cosby, bet he had a lot of friends right? And he’s a paedophile! So you have to see that this world is artificial so artificial people may be more ‘popular’ but people WILL love you for WHO YOU REALLY ARE if they get to know you, and it will happen, and you will realize you’re so brilliant if you give yourself that chance. I know it’s hard, I really do, but you have your boyfriend and you have others, they just don’t know they’re lucky enough to be your friend yet but they will. xo Hang in there beautiful girl and remember, people may envy you but you will rise above all that crap and JUST BE YOURSELF in a world that’s always trying to change you. BIG HUG xo

      • Amber Dixon says:

        I seriously wish I could give you the biggest hug! You’re really putting things in perspective for me. I constantly blame myself for not having friends. But you’re 100% right, I just need to realize my worth and know that a true friend will come one day. Until then I just need to remember I’m lucky to have my boyfriend. He pretty much tells me the same things you said… But sometimes it just takes an outside opinion to really understand. I feel bad for not listening to him. He has been with me though through all of my depressing due to feeling like I was the problem. He really great and I need to remember that!! And you’re awesome, thank you for making me feel better about myself. xoxo

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