So I seem to be having a bit of trouble trying to merge my blogs together. I have this one plus Traveling Girl . I want all the post from my other blog put on this one but I failed at that task.

I googled how to do it but still didn’t get it right. I exported everything from Traveling Girl and imported it to this blog but nothing happened. No hip hip horrays or bells going off. What did I do wrong?! Someone out there please help me figure this out, it would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance 🙂


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  1. What self host website you use?? They should be able to transfer the posts over to your new site for you. Try contacting their support team if you can.

    1. Amber Dixon says:

      I’m using word press. It said the transfer was complete but nothing transferred over. I’m going to contact support thank you.

      1. You’re welcome. Maybe it takes a while for everything to get right.

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